Women’s 3 Day - Program - Progressive Fitness and Physiotherapy

Women’s 3 Day - Program

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Get yourself Fitter, Healthier, Curvier. 

3 Day program is designed to help women reach a healthy and happy body shape! The program is 3 training days per week which should allow you plenty of time to manoeuvre your schedule around to get the workouts in!!

What the Program Includes:

• 3 Day Full body workout program tailored specifically for women, to help you attain the body you desire.

• Record table to allow you to record your results week by week for 6 weeks on how much progress you make. (The tables reusable so you can keep on using it long after 6 weeks have passed)

• Information and guideline how to progressively overload your workouts so that each week they get tougher as you get stronger fitter healthier.

•Information and guideline on Ways to manage your    nutrition using the 80/20 system 

• 8 minute Abs Routine ( including guide on how to perform each)

• Warm up and Cool down tailored to cater for each workout as a method to help reduce and prevent injury 

• Supplement Guideline - for anyone who is unsure about what’s supplements to take, if I even need to take any at all. This guide covers all the top supplements in the industry 

• Links to our YouTube channel to allow you to follow all the exercises (if you have any difficulty) by video.


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