Initial Consultation

Heres the long and short of it:

The initial consultation is the foundation for a clients success. Designing an individualised fitness program is like piecing together a puzzle. We need to consider all the factors that contribute towards the clients status and how those factors affect the potential for future goals.

We don't just focus solely on body weight and muscle size, there are other factors that are equally important to the program success such as motivation and self efficacy 

Without a thorough consultation prior to program design, the program can be rendered ineffective. 

Heres what we might ask

1. Health History Form: Health history forms ask for information on pertinent topics, such as previous surgeries, injuries, illnesses/diseases, current medications, allergies, and family history. 

2. Exercise, Sport, or Physical Activity History (Par-Q): A Par-Q is simple form designed to help us understand the client’s current fitness level, as well as all of their past exercise experiences. Additional information on their exercise preferences is valuable, such as likes, dislikes, and exercises that you have never performed. the more info the more you'll like you'r program

3. Past or Present Injury, Disease, or Pain: It is important to inform us around an previous injuries ass this can help us identify areas that are potentially more susceptible to injury unless more consideration and care is taken.

4. Schedule Availability: This is where we find a time that works for both of us. Wether you'r an early riser or a night owl we'll find a slot that suits your mood energy levels and schedule.

5. Psychometric Measures: Understanding why you signed up or joined us is important. Motivation and discipline is key to success. Therefore understanding your motivation will help us set tailored goals to what you want to achieve.