" 30 Day  Challenge Complete. Too much wine and snacks over lockdown were adding to an already big problem, so when I saw jordan was offering an at home 30 day challenge  I thought it was an opportunity to change.

I still have a long way to go but over the last 30 days I am confident that i have built habits that will help me keep going on my journey. I can already see my self getting stronger. I honestly can't recommend it enough - if i can do it, anyone can.



" Ive really enjoyed the home workouts, it was a challenge getting in the step count but making efforts to park further away from the shop etc. Ive a long road ahead but I'm glad I'm on the right path"



"So I’ve lost 2.5kg which has brought me just under ten stone which I’m really happy with! All my jeans are a lot looser now so think I have lost a couple inches from my waist which was the aim lol. Just wanted to say thanks for doing the challenge I really enjoyed doing it and defo will be continuing to do 10k steps a day and doing exercise throughout the week because I now actually enjoy doing it 😂 "




"Honestly can’t thank you enough! Definitely needed that extra wee push to get off my ass 😂 Absolutely thrilled with the results, and like I said before, you’ve defo helped me enjoy exercising again! Will be recommending you to everyone I know 😂 superstar!"


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